Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Bucket List

I thought in my quandary of gift giving I would make sure that the kids and I really took time to enjoy the upcoming season. Summer really isn't my thing, it gets really hot and I get really cranky, so in order to draw out the next kind of cooler season I would create a little bucket list of things I don't want to miss.

* Attend at least one Fall Festival!
* Visit the Pumpkin Patch
* Decorate our Pumpkins (we have done glitter & paint in the past that the kids loved!)
* Host Thanksgiving Dinner!
* Decorate for Fall (I never do and my kids have expressed their dislike of this)
* Weekly park days
* Camping
* Hiking
* Beach
* Deleon Springs (Sugar Mill Restaurant)
* Hayride

I also want to participate in this October Photo a Day Challenge
I hope to post here once a week at least with the picks of the day, but don't judge me if I post them at the end of the month.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Something about being called...

So in a few short days I will get what I anticipate is a very official looking package (it could just a be a plain old cardboard box) with very official looking stuff in it. As it would seem this little extracurricular activity I have been working on for months will become a full fledged ministry. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't doing a half excited/ half freak out dance in my head because this is awesome and crazy all wrapped up in one.

In the leadership book they mention that God does not call the equipped, He equips that called! And only in raising  my children have I never felt that statement ring more true. Not only has He worked to equip me (in so many ways) but to bring wonderful women to walk alongside me in this ministry. I am so proud that my girls are able to call themselves American Heritage Girls.

I have so many goals and ideas and dreams for our little group (including to one day be a big group). God is amazing in the way He pushes you to places you normally would not go and provides. And I have learned a fair bit about patience and waiting on Him through this process. I have a board of 4 other women that all bring exactly what I need to this group, a church that is excited and eager to see it take off, and a group of parents who came alongside from the first mention of starting a troop and have stuck through till now when we finally become official! Blessings all of them!

I write this because I really don't want to forget this moment. I want it to propel me forward, I want to literally hit the ground running when that package arrives and not stop. I mean really I have 3 little girls, I am thinking I have about 15 more years doing this till I see my last little one out of the organization, I think I need to remember this moment.

I love scouting, I am doing what I always dreamed I would with my girls, as my mother did for me as a scout leader and in a ministry where God is the foundation on which every thing we do is built, not just an optional part of a promise! I am so excited!!