Monday, April 22, 2013

Confession Time

My name is Shannon and I am not a home decorator.

Despite the fact that Pinterest makes me believe that I am and need to be!
I need to get this off my chest, proclaim it from the mountain tops!

I really care not for the frivolity of home decor despite the envy I feel pouring over home decorating blogs and Pinterest boards.

I don't know how to put a fashionable room together, I don't know what colors go together, or fabric patterns. I like to sew and craft and organize things but not decorate I like to be surrounded by things I love and that serve a functional purpose, I really don't care if they go together. I want to paint my walls but only so I don't have to keep looking at 5 years of art work my children have drawn on the walls.

I want my house clean but not perfectly decorated or put together! I once tried to put a tablecloth, candle and specific stack of books on my coffee table, only to have my smallest children destroy it every time I left the room! This continued for months till folded up the tablecloth, tossed the candle and put the books on the shelf where they belonged.

I had a pretty vignette on top of my entertainment center until one Christmas I got desperately ill after pulling the dust coated decorations down for more festive decor. Two years later it remains empty and I have no desire to redecorate it.

Pictures are the only things I think are worth investing in to hang on my wall.

If you are a home decorator and fill your home with beautiful things, good for you! I probably secretly envy your home and your abilities and I hope your homes make you happy.

I think I am going to find a new approach to making my home a happy place and it has nothing to do with decorating.

Boy I feel better!