Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest is so amazing!

You know I have shot down the validity of Pinterest in the past. I joined a long time ago just to see what all the hype was, slowly accumulating boards of pretty this and thats. But then I did the juice fast and started using it to curb my cravings and really it worked but not till at least day 10, if you are on in day lower than that just stay away! So now it seems like my go to cookbook for all things yummy and healthful!

So the first couple days after the fast I was totally wrapped up with getting to eat, but I anticipated this and picked out some things from pinterest I was interested in trying. So my eating frenzy was healthy and has settled down now. Now a juice and smoothie to get me through the day and then a healthy dinner is all I need. And let me just tell you two things that have replaced pizza and tacos on my just have to eat it list

These beautiful little things are divine! And yes they are similar to tater tots without the tators!

I eat these daily (possibly a few times a day : ) I add some yummy italian style seasoning and a pinch of fresh grated Parmesan. The girls all like them too (Trenton, of course not!)

We had these last night for dinner, they were delicious, I highly recommend a much softer crumblier bread because it kind of mushes out with a harder bun but mercy they were good!

I have a bunch more recipes I want to try and have bookmarked a few really awesome food blogs I found through Pinterest. I actually have been looking forward each day to cooking instead of dreading it, rushing through it so I can eat cause I am hungry and then stuffing my face. The fast has really made a huge difference in the way I eat, and the way I look at food.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 2 with food

So I have had one less jar of juice today and replaced with a vegetarian sushi roll! So much for the raw, but I am trying to make good decisions and drink as much juice as possible. The vegetarian sushi was delicious it had cucumber, avocado & carrots with brown rice, I think that it is my new favorite! The kids are studying Japan this week and Troy was going to the store so I couldn't resist the sushi, and 3/4 of the kids liked it, Piper ate like 6 pieces. I have also been enjoying some kale chips here and there today, what is funny about this is a I HATED kale chips when I tried them before the fast. But since I have been drinking liquid kale for the last 4 weeks I figured my tastes may have changed and tried them again, DELICIOUS! Another funny, I feel really guilty eating, Troy had to tell me I am eating now I don't need to feel guilty as long as I make good decisions. He is right but I am scared to see my weight start increasing. I am just going to try to focus on one day at a time.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 27 - the end

I went to the homeschool convention this weekend! I really love going to the convention and I don't leave disappointed. There are great vendors with great products, the workshops are so encouraging! They make me feel like I am on the right path with my educational choices and like I can do this for another 365! It was so funny I went to the convention looking for a character development curriculum, but I was concerned about spending too much money and I hadn't really found any through the vendors at the convention. The first 3 workshops all talked about how they used Proverbs in their families as a character development curriculum by simply reading one chapter each day, only one of the workshops had specifically about Proverbs the other two just made it clear what God wanted to me to use and how simple He made it for us. I am also very excited about the creation workshop, I really feel confident teaching about creation next year and it helped to get rid of some doubts I was holding on too. I really do love homeschooling, it is such a blessing.

So on another note my fast is officially over. Unceremoniously I might add. I have an infection and in order to take the medicine I have to have food, juice wasn't enough to keep me from getting super nauseous. So I ate a banana, well technically 1/2 of a banana that was about all I needed, it filled me up. I am going to stick to one raw something or a smoothie for the next few days and then juice the rest of the day. I am a little disappointed that I didn't make it the official 30 days but whatever, I was sick of anticipating the end. So I figured I would tell you my official weight and weight loss, it is a little hard because I don't like sharing these things but to me sometimes pounds lost are nothing unless I know where someone started it just helps me see the big picture no pun intended:

Initial Weight: 251 lbs. Feb 19.2011 (when I signed up for Weight Watchers)
Initial Weight before Juice Fast: 236 lbs (15 in 8 weeks on WW)
End Weight after 27 day Juice Fast: 211 lbs
Total Weight Loss on Fast: 25lbs
Total Weight Loss since Feb 12th 2012: 40lbs
Size XXL Shirt to Large Shirt
Size 22 pants to size 18
Size 20 dress to size 16

So I still have 60lbs to go before I have reached my goal. I think that is only going to come with hard work both working out and eating right. Like I mentioned before eating right is hard for me, maybe it is a eating disorder maybe just my stubborn picky nature. But I feel more confident eating healthy now. I quite certain that my body will rebel against me if I reach for the junk.

I will keep posting about how everything is going.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 25

So last night after my post I really needed to get out of this funk, so I started trying to surf for motivation. I found a video on youtube of a women 7 months after a 28 day fast, she basically got to where I did and started feeling like she needed to eat or at least wanted really bad to eat and she let it get a hold of her and it was just one bad food choice after another she gained back all the weight she lost and then some. And it was then I decided I don't want to be her, I have been her most of my life. So I put on my big girl pants and decided to get over it. I am going to finish strong and make good decisions about food right out of the gate. And it doesn't hurt my motivation that I went to get a shirt at the store, I picked up my usual size and was shocked at how big it was, so I picked up the next size down still way to big, that's right down 2 shirt sizes, I haven't worn a large in years I am so excited! Look out goodwill you are getting all my fat lady shirts!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 20 something or another

I actually will have to look at my calendar to see what day I am on. Seriously these last few days are harder than the first few days. I am the type who doesn't do well the last few days of waiting for anything! And I hate that I feel like it is becoming a chore to make juice, it shouldn't and the fact that it feels like it is makes me worry it will be even harder to keep juicing when I finish the fast.

So a warning to all of you with omega juicers that want to juice wheat grass, be sure to cut the wheat grass into small sections and feed it through a little at a time, we have now gone through two juicers. It seems that the long pieces of grass feed through the juicer all at once just winds around the auger and snaps the juicer attachment. I have scoured the web for someone with the same issue and found nothing but just be careful, maybe other people know not to do that. For the record after doing it once and having it break and replacing it you would think my husband would follow my advise, but nooooooo, or it could be to quote him exactly "nothing is Troy proof"! So we are now using juicer number 3, it is another Omega which really is a great juicer and it has a 15 year warranty when it does break, but we just returned ours to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got a new one. That may be why I am so cranky and not interested in juicing.

Just a few more days! Hopefully the homeschool convention this weekend will keep me distracted, as long as I stay far away from the cafeteria.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 20 something

So I am starting to falter in blogging about all of this. I think because it is coming to a close and I am kind of don't know how I feel. I am excited to start eating again but a little scared once I start I won't be able to control myself. Committing to drinking only juice was surprisingly easy and the concept simple, trying to include food in that simple equation is a complicated thing for me.

I have had a couple of difficult moments the last few days, surprisingly it was not during dinner at TGI Friday's with my girls scouts. I am having a lot of muscle weakness and head rushes, I don't know what is causing them but I am theorizing between dehydration and something I can't explain. Ha! I have to remind myself to drink water and I forget a lot, it is hard when all you drink is liquids that you in fact need more of one or the other, it is a mental thing. Some days I drink a ton of water and then don't feel the desire to drink more juice, I am not good at balance. But these spells are not new, they have been happening since I was about 7 month pregnant with Piper and they have come and gone the last 2+ years in varying frequency, obviously something is triggering them, dehydration could explain the majority of the occurrences as I am terrible at staying hydrated. I had tests done when I was pregnant (despite the doctor thinking I was just a whiny pregnant women) and nothing came back abnormal so I don't know what to think but I am feeling understandably cruddy the last few days, I imagine this to shall pass.

I have started to manage getting in the kitchen to make the kids breakfast the past few days. I don't like cooking as it is but when I can't eat it just stinks! So I finally am getting in the kitchen, I love breakfast but it seems the easiest meal, mentally, to cook. I made summer squash fritters today, but my ungrateful children didn't like them, Troy said they were spectacular. I will have to see in just 7 more days.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 21 - the weigh in

I am down 23 pounds in 21 days. I am also down 2 dress sizes since I started the juice fast. I have lost 38.4 pounds since February when I started using weightwatchers. That is all for tonight I spent my afternoon watching this beautiful girl in her dance recital

and fighting a 4 & 2 year old for two hours trying to keep them quite and happy is exhausting.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 19 & 20

Man this is getting boring. Sorry I have spent the last two days pulling teeth around here just to get the kids to clean up. By the end of the day I have no desire to write anything. I actually am having a hard time remembering to drink my juice and water the last few days. I just don't seem to be hungry or thirsty for really long periods of time and when I am busy I am just forgetting. I know my stomach has shrunk considerably (at least from where it was) and I get full just drinking 12 oz of water. I will post my weight lost tomorrow, I have gotten out of the habit of weighing myself everyday, which is probably a good thing I don't think that is a good habit to develop. And for the record I have been doing a workout video each night. I tried balance ball Pilates with resistance straps on my balance ball tonight! I am going to try to memorize the movements and do them everyday in like a little circuit workout. Netflix should be sending me a new video any day and I looking forward to it but I am not going to tell what it is until after I see if I survive it. Only 10 days to go, I am excited and nervous!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 18 - Have I really been doing this for 18 days!

So I think I have committed myself to officially end my juice fast on day 30. I have been flirting with 60 days since the beginning but I committed to 30 and that is just what I am going to do. I am starting to get a little tired of juice and I don’t want to start hating it. Plus my kids need a cook because all they eat is garbage when I can’t be in the kitchen. Do you want to know my plan? I am actually really excited to start some healthy eating habits! And still have some time to plan and am looking forward to it.

The first ten days after my juice fast will involve me drinking juice as per usual with the addition of some raw fruits and veggies. There are some I just don’t want to juice it just seems nasty, like broccoli but I would love to dig into some raw broccoli and maybe bananas. My goal is to stay this course till day 40.

From that point on I will move to two juices per day with a prepared meal once a day or two small prepared meals with juice throughout the day. I am planning to stay vegetarian for a few months and my plan is for the meals to be whole foods, 60%-80% fruits and vegetables, the other 40%-20% will be proteins and whole grains. My portions I intend to be much smaller than the average American portions. I am also planning to do a 10 day juice fast every two months to kick start weight loss and just to cleanse!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 16 & 17

Did you all think I fell off the juice truck? I am kind of being an emotional freak but still sipping the cider! Haha! I have been getting my food fill by pouring over pinterest food pins if you all hadn't noticed! I am getting slightly obsessed with food and what I will eat when I am done with the fast. I really want to make sure I use this fast to start off on the right foot, so to speak, when it comes to healthy eating. Otherwise I won't continue to lose weight and I won't keep off the weight I have lost. I hit the library for some cookbooks and came home with a huge pile of vegan/vegetarian/whole food cookbooks I think I found at least one keeper. I am picky about my cookbooks so one out of 22 is pretty good!

I am still failing miserably to workout. Part of that may because it is Troy's weekend and I am adamant about not having an audience when I work out. And the lovely weather has kept me from walking. But I think those are just excuses and I need to shut it. As a matter of fact I think I will go pop in the bellydancing workout dvd as soon as I hit post!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 15 - Tips

So I have a few tips for any of you that are planning to juice and here they are in no particular order:

1. Ginger makes just about any juice taste better
2. Lemon makes about any juice taste like lemonade
3. Homemade veggie broth can help you through tough food cravings
4. If you don't like a particular ingredient in a recipe add less than is called for
5. When it comes to beets less is less and it tastes much better!
6. The dollar store has giant packs of straws buy them, use them
7. 1 quart mason jars are good for storing juice if you have a masticating juicer.
8. Those reusable travel cups work great for taking juice with you on the go but use a disposable straw
9. If you have to cut your apples to juice them I suggest an apple corer it works for pears too.
10. Find a favorite juice and drink whenever you feel yourself faltering, experiment with juices but always have a fail safe.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 14

I am down a total of 18 pounds in 14 days. That is pretty good. I didn't loose as much this week as I was anticipating but I think that has to do with my activity level. I am going to try and start a workout routine this week, I don't want to waste this time on my fast by being lazy because that does nothing to help me if all I change is what I eat, I have to change everything about how I treat my body! And let me tell you that dropping 18 pounds this quickly I feel so much lighter!

Troy is probably going to bail on me and the fast this week. He never really wanted to do it past ten days and I don't think he will. But I think that is going to take a mental toll on me. The past 8 days with him have been a lot easier. The focus on food is completely gone, aside from making sure the kids are feed I don't have to think about it. And I had to be tough the first few days because he was detoxing and it was hard. But him leaving midstream is going to throw me, I can already feel it. I have to keep reminding myself of the progress I am making, and the reasons I did this and that I made 8 days before he even started I can make another 15 days and even more if I wanted!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 13 - Exercise is my foe!

I went for a bike ride this morning, it kicked my behind! I really hate working out always have. I will try again tomorrow, maybe just a walk though. I think I spoke to soon about that Sunset Blend juice being on my favorites list. It is definitely Troy's new fave, but it gave me indigestion and I now have a strong aversion to red peppers, I think it had way to much, Troy thinks it was perfect. I added wheat grass to my green juice today, it added a bit of sweetness, I am going to start adding it to all of my juices.
So I am very excited about the homeschool convention and I found a exhibitor booth I will definitely be perusing, Family Time Fitness. They have physical education curriculum for homeschoolers, I am interested to thumbing through their stuff.

This morning I went out with the intention of taking some pictures of my kids for the grandmothers for mother's day, that did not happen my kids are rotten anti picture subjects. But I did manage to create some fun ones! I saw one like this on Pinterest, it didn't work really well on my cracked driveway but I am planning on taking the kids to the school parking lot and recreating it with all of them.

But I think I will need some man power for that shot!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 12 - Wahooo!

That was what I said when I fit in the next size down jeans than I have worn in almost a year! So I am down one pant size almost two! I didn't even know. I have been avoiding my jeans. That made me totally happy today!

Troy is going to hit the farmers market tomorrow, we are trying to figure out where the cheapest produce is, so we can shop there exclusively. I think it is going to involve a lot of shopping around though, which doesn't make me happy.  But we go through all this stuff like crazy now that we are both on the fast so we got to make it a little more affordable. I tried really hard today to bake something for the kids, little pizza bites, I saw on pinterest, for them but without Troy there to keep an eye on me I didn't think I had the will power to not pop a delicious pepperoni in my mouth. I will try again tomorrow right after a full jar of juice and see how I do. I may need to enlist the help of my little food police. Cordelia and Trenton are pretty good, I will test them every once and a while to make sure they're on their toes. But Isabelle would totally give me food and tell me I don't need to drink juice anymore.

Tomorrow I am going to try taking the kids for a bike ride, I have determined that I can't get time alone so I have to make time to workout with them. We will see how it goes. I need some sleep tonight! Hopefully my 2:00 screamer will sleep although that seems unlikely.

And can I just say that it is pretty impressive that I have blogged for 13 days now. That is a record. Next week I am hoping to write about some homeschool stuff! The convention is coming and I so stoked for some encouragement and two full days without the kids isn't so bad either!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 11 - I was just starting to forget what day I was on!

But then I made the kids hush puppies to go with their dinner I kept seeing myself just popping one of those greasy little puppies in my mouth! I told Troy I was scared I would do it and not even realize it till it was to late. My kids are eating all sorts of garbage these days, I am trying to clear out the cupboards so to speak, they have been warned that this is their last hurrah. Once we finish our fasts we are going super healthy and so are they. After all the crap is gone I am going to start acclimating them slowly but for now I don't want to cook because I still want to eat at least when it looks good!

And seriously people are posting food like crazy on pinterest! At first it was all sorts of healthy stuff and I found some great, raw & vegan blogs, but now it is all cookies and cakes and gracious it is killing me. They should have a diet filter!

Troy made a new yummy juice today, it is going into the rotation. That is big because not a lot has made it into the rotation, these juice recipes are fickle things!

Sunset Blend
1 Sweet potato
1 red bell pepper
1 beet
3-4 carrots
2 golden delicious apples

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 10 - And the beat goes on!

Yay! I made it to my mandatory cut off date! I told myself in the beginning that no matter what I would make it to day 10! Now that I am here I have no intention of stopping.

I kind of feel like a broken record right now, everything is pretty much status quo on the juice front! I took my lovely little red headed dancer for her dance pictures today, it poured rain and we got a flat tire! I didn't get to take any pictures because I was figuring how to change my tire in the rain in a skirt! It was awesome (insert sarcasm)!

I did take this picture of her yesterday she is growing up way to fast!

I am going to try and start working out to go along with my fasting I figure with all this energy I really need to put it into creating some good habits! I think tonight I am going to breakout my balance ball. I wish I desired to workout but whenever I have energy I usually just clean my house or create or organize something, workouts seem like I am wasting time. Anyway I am kind of hoping that it will push my weight loss just a little so I can satisfy my need for instant gratification and it will motivate me. Well I am off to put my little monsters I mean sweet darlings to bed!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 9 - Hitting my stride

I am moving right along, I am sleeping much better at night (I was hoping for this) and waking up with energy (that is just AWESOME!) The hormonal crazy lady has exited the building, even when I start to get frustrated I seem to be able to calm down before I blow my lid (this is amazing!). These are such huge things for me and it is so crazy to see each day how much my nutritional in take can effect me.

I don't want to even call this a fast anymore, I saw somewhere on the web were they referred to it as a juice feast, because you are consuming all your calories, you're feeding your body all the nutrition it needs and more! I think it is funny how just a week ago I was totally terrified at the idea of only juice for 30 days "how would I survive" but I am thriving on it. 

If anyone is interested in doing something similar I started out on the website that is part of the Fat. Sick & Nearly Dead documentary. It actually has a couple of reboot plans you can try that involve eating and juicing. They have menu plans and recipes and all sorts of stuff, it was a good place for me to start! But I definitively suggest you watch the movie if you haven't!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 8 - Thanks

So I wanted to thank all of you that have been reading along, it is very encouraging when I am having a bad day! It also feels good that it is helping some of you get motivated.

Well the allergies have hit my house BAD! Everyone has pressure, congestion, runny noses, soar throats we all woke up on the same day sick. But cool things about juice, since I am on it full time juice my symptoms have not got past the "I think I am getting sick" point. This morning was rough I drank my last juice kind of early yesterday and woke up really hungry, and the lingering crud. After my first glass of juice though I feel really good.

And I don't know what in my juice exactly is doing it but it really helps heal a soar throat. Troy's first day juicing has been rough as he spent the whole weekend in the woods and he came home already to far gone. The juice seems to be helping him too, just a little late.

Piper must feel bad that I can't have pizza because she made me some for breakfast this morning!

My favorite kind, imaginary!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 7

I am feeling good today, all around, juice is tasty and filling. I mean when my kids where eating hotdogs and I could smell them I felt a little craving, but Piper promptly crawled in my lap and burped and the craving was GONE! I have been perusing pinterest for food ideas, I know that is probably not a good idea but looking at all the pictures was pretty much all the satisfaction I needed. I am thinking when my fast is over I will start raw for a couple weeks and then move to vegetarian with the occasional cheese, egg or fish. I am actually excited to have time to work on some serious meal planning, and I plan to keep at least one of my meals juice, indefinitely.

I will only posting my weight once a week now, I seem to be losing on a pound a day that is kind of boring so next Sunday I will post my week total, so right now I am down 12 pounds. I have lost a total of 28 pounds since I started trying to lose back mid February.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 6

So remember that skin condition that I said was clearing up since starting the fast, I figured out it is called Keratosis Pilaris. Come to find out it is hereditary and all you can really do is deal with it. I didn't have it that I can remember until I was in my mid 20's but I think that has something to do with me not spending as much time in the sun as I once did (tanning can help). And I am not usually real caught up on appearances so I kind of ignored it, I mean I know its there I feel it all the time but I just didn't care enough to anything about it. So it is basically little bumps and redness all over the outside of my upper arm. It feels gross and looks icky. I guess treatments for it range from medical creams to holistic and no one thing will necessarily work for different people. I am very happy that the fast is helping to eliminate it, it is really cool watching it disappear, and I am curious to see it gone completely and whether it will come back once its over.

Speaking of over, am I done yet! I want to eat something, really just something the cravings seem to be gone I just want to eat food. I am going to add a spoonful of raw honey to my fast starting tomorrow as well as some herbal teas. I need a treat these seem reasonable without breaking my fast. I am down a total of 12 pounds right now, that is good, I seem to lose about a pound a day. I am going to start walking this week, I need to get into some kind of habit of working out I am terrible at creating good habits, though awesome at bad ones! I have plenty of energy but almost to much I don't know what to do with myself. And the hormones they are raging, I go from docile to pissed in like a split second. Hoping that turns around soon because the kids & I are spilling an unreasonable amount of things right now and it is driving me CRAZY!

Found this on Pinterest, it fits that day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 5 - Emotional

I woke up today bounding with energy, ready for juice! Although it has been a very emotional day, I think this fast is causing some major hormonal shifts. I thought I was losing my mind a little crying one minute, yelling at someone the next. I am glad it is bringing it on because I hope that it means it is working to balance my hormones which I need. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a little more level headed. I am down another pound today for a total of 11 something. I am still battling the urge to grab something off the kids plates, but I believe it is just my emotional need for food not a physical need. Usually that happens when I am bored or frustrated.

My little skin problem is clearing up more and more each day, I am actually really amazed, it is such a big difference.This weekend is going to be trying for me as Troy is off camping with the boy. He has been awesome about taking care of meals and letting me take a break when I want to break. Plus I am pretty certain he would wrestle the food out of my hands if I tried to eat something. But I am going to keep my eyes on Monday, when he is planning to start his juice fast. I will be happy to have someone feeling my pain, although dealing with Mr. Grumpy for the first few days will suck.

Here is all the beauties I have been feasting on today:

Now I off to clean up the kitchen I think it will help me not want to eat, because I won't want to mess up my clean kitchen. 


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 4 - Getting over the hump

Not that I think my fast is near over but I do think I am over the really difficult part, I didn't wake up loathing juice, but rather looking forward to it and my cravings seem to be under control today. I am down 3.2 more pounds for a total of 10.4 since day 1. Weight watchers had a message for me yesterday that I was losing weight to fast and they had recommendations how slow down my weight loss, thanks but no thanks I have been slowing down my weight loss for 11 years, I think I got that part down!

I am beginning to understand the difference between being tired and fatigued. I am tired because my 4 year old isn't letting me sleep through the night. But I am not fatigued, I have loads of energy and bound through the day. It is actually a very odd feeling. I have always just been tired with no energy.

Other cool thing I noticed is a skin issue I have had on my arms is clearing up, I don't know any other reason than the juice, I am happy about it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 3 - Blessings

Well I am down another 2.8 pounds for a total of 7.2 pounds! Every pound in motivation, I think I actually need to start taking my measurements, because I put some pants on today that fell right off! I felt kind of cruddy today and didn't want to deal with craving food so I hide in my room a lot and took a nap, luckily Troy is being my champion right now so I can be grumpy and withdrawn.

I have come to realize that I spend my days anticipating meals, what a crazy habit to break. I have tried to turn my focus to other things that I will do later today to help me fight the cravings. I hope that I can do this each day because it is a horrible mental battle, and no life to live waiting for my next meal.

Funny thing, so I bought a diet plan devotional 6 months or so ago. But once I got it and read the diet plan I was like, ehhh no I don't think I could do that. It was to fast off refined sugar, flour, and processed food. I imagine I am now taking a more extreme route, but I am happy to be reading the devotional, scriptures and prayers each day. I really feel that God led me down this path and like I have said before He is strength in my weakness. This fast is helping me to see how strong He is and how much I need Him.

And speaking of God and His blessings on my life I had my first dentist appointment today in like 8 years! I was so freaked out, after 8 years I could only see the worst coming out of it! But seriously best dentist appointment ever! I do have a cavity (a little one) my first ever and after 8 years that is the price I pay. But the coolest thing ever happened. She was looking at my teeth and said "you have some orthobond on your teeth would you like me to remove it". That alone doesn't sound that major but for the past 15 years I have had this stuff on my teeth and since my braces came off it has gotten yellower and yellower it was so ugly and disgusting and the few dentists I did see the years after my braces came off said the only thing that would help my teeth was professional whitening treatments. If you all have seen me smile you know what I am talking about. And this awesome dentist removed it in less than a minute! 15 years of a self conscious gross ugly smile, gone! I didn't know if I should cry or jump up and down, instead I thanked her a lot. What a blessing that appointment was today. I can't stop smiling!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 2

I woke up feeling like an awesome blossom this morning much to my surprise, my few days of prepping for this little activity may have been a good idea after all. I didn't sleep very well, that may have had something to do with a particular 2 year old and 4 year old that curled up in my bed and kicked me in the back all night and nothing to do with my liquid intake but we will never know : )

The cravings today weren't to bad in the morning but by lunch I was dying, I am doing o.k. talking through it all with Troy but when his weekend is over I won't have my kitchen bouncer to keep me in check! I have been craving stuff I don't even like, all garbage, I bought the kids chips for lunch I specifically picked ones that I don't like, I still want them! It is making a little crazy but I have to reiterate that I am not hungry, just craving things that I am certain I am addicted to.

I found that vegetable broth is one of the main reasons I am surviving these first few days. I am a savory kind of girl so it is hard for me to drink juice that is sweet all day and I just can't stomach the all vegetable juice yet, but making vegetable broth has made all the difference. I take carrots, spinach, onions, garlic, celery and lots of herbs, boil it in water till the water tastes good, strain out the veggies (and feed them to Troy) and then drink the juice! Yum! I don't know if it counts as juice or just water or something in between but my research is suggest that when it comes to the juice fast broth is an option. So I am sticking to it!

And let me just tell you that is totally unfair to be a mom sometimes, because this is what I was making them for dinner while I drank my juice. My World (our house) Famous Pizza. Its so good!
I guess I am going to confront my demons right from the start, demon being pizza! Troy had to finish making them because I just about ran off with a piece! But I guess if I can survive pizza night I can survive 30+ days of juice......right?

I didn't have the guts to post my starting weight, I think I will when I am all done with the fast but for now just what I am losing. I am very aware that weight fluctuates throughout the day and their is water weight and blah blah blah blah blah, but seeing pounds drop off is motivation so each pound is a push forward.

Day 2: - 4.4 lbs

And I now I am going to bed before the 2nd pizza comes out of the oven : (