Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Little Blue House

We have been through a rough year (understatement). Despite every reason we had not to, a few weeks ago we closed on our little blue house, I know it is just a house, but to us it symbolizes so much more. It isn't going to fix our problems or make us whole, but it is a new home in which to make new memories, make a fresh start and it is a place were healing won't be hindered by bad memories. And as an added bonus we aren't throwing our money away each month on a place we don't own and it is less than it cost us to rent.

Here is the best picture I have thus far, I really didn't want the neighbors to think I was crazy doing a little photo shoot with my house, but I don't think they care for us much after the previous owners bad mouthed us (they were apparently unaware that a contract was binding).

It is definitely a fixer upper, but not in a bad, immediate, unlivable way. We have lots of plans and we think this little house has so much potential. I have already officially checked off my first project which I will post later.

We are busy painting rooms and unpacking, and finding crazy half-azzed "handy-work" done by the previous owner everyday. But we are happy with are little blue house and look forward to our own handy work in the future.

So hold on to your seats folks, you are about to be over inundated with endless DIY glory, at least that is my plan!

Next up I will give a you a before picture tour, so you can appreciate my hard work in future posts!

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