Friday, September 24, 2010

A post to my favorite 6 month old

You are really going on 7 months but we will just say 6 so I don't start crying. You are so petite but you make up for it with the big bright eyes and wide mouth kisses. You are just starting to sit up and finally like to spend more time on the floor as long as the circus is in the same room.

You finally had a fully belly chuckle because of Miss Izzy's antics, of course (one day she will be happy to know that). You are starting to adore your Daddy (you were a bit standoffish at first). You like to take a little cat nap with him when he is trying to wake up. You are turning into a blonde hair blue eyed little beauty we have years of trouble ahead of us x3. You are eating solids and nursing and biting. You still love to be worn all day if I could bare it. You sleep through the night and your early morning feeding is turning mommy back into the early bird she likes to be. As I sit here typing this you are sitting in my lap fighting sleep, you are trying to get your face as close to mine as possible, I think that is your way of saying I love you.

You suck both thumbs (I call it chain sucking because you switch back and forth constantly when you are tired)
While sitting (look mom no hands)

You play with toys and reach for everything. The sound of water running makes you happy not getting in the running water makes you mad. You talk with your mouth full and rarely when its not. You hold your feet all the time even in your sleep.

You are impatient and yell alot but you are easy to please.

This is your serious face

Happy Face

Curious Face

Your sweet little stature and happy personality keeps reminding mommy to enjoy and be grateful for every moment I get to spend home with you and your siblings watching all of you grow before my very eyes. I love you little pied piper.

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