Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upcycled Creations

I love changing old clothes into something new especially for the kids and especially when it costs nothing! My husband had gotten a bag full of nice golf shirts unfortunately they were much bigger than I would ever want my husband to be. So they were going in a bag for Goodwill but I hoarded a few and have been holding on to them for a while with a couple pairs of ruffled leggings in mind for my girls. So when better than a rainy day to create.

First you need large shirts.
Those stripes on the left will make you dizzy by the time your done. Remember to match your stripes or at least bigger stripes the pants on the right are a little wonky.

Next you need a pair of leggings to use as a pattern.

Save the bottom strip of the shirt for the ruffles this way there is no hemming involved.

Don't they look sweet and comfy:

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