Sunday, April 29, 2012


I am starting a juice fast. I was going to just do it and not talk about it, because if I fail no one will know, but after a massive migraine the other day I realized that talking through pain, helps me. Not that I think a juice fast will be physically painful (I hope), just really physically hard and maybe a little place to talk about it with who ever is interested in listening will lighten my emotional load.

So why am I doing this, yeah I figured that would be important to share. I watched that movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (it is streaming on Netflix right now so if you can, watch it). Troy insisted I watch it and I reluctantly agreed that is the short story of why. Here is the long, it scared me and listening to all the people he talks to who said they couldn't do it for one excuse or another, I just didn't want to be one of those overweight people that made excuses for my bad eating habits. I have serious issues with food I eat and eat I don't even think about it, it caught up with me. Diets don't work because I always want the crap food and I don't like the healthy stuff. You see this juice fast is like a reset for my body, cleansing it of all the bad stuff and only allowing good stuff, cleansing my palate in hopes that it will desire and enjoy fruits and veggies. I also need to loss all this weight that is holding me down, making it hard to be the momma I want to be and I am not being the best role model for my kids. There are a lot of health problems in my near future if I don't change, I have to change everything about food in my life. I don't know how long the fast will last, I am committed to at least 30 days but I really desire a 60 day fast. I hope to break my addiction and unhealthy attachment to food, and I hope to completely remove processed food from my life!

So I started mid-week last week with juicing, I am down to one meal and up 48oz of juice per day, tomorrow I will increase to all juice and no meals! I actually feel really confident now that I have done it for a few days, I can already feel my energy skyrocketing and I really am not hungry at all! I am going to attempt a 80/20 vegetable/fruit ratio in my juices which isn't easy but my tastes are already getting accustomed to all the healthy food! I think the only struggle I will face throughout the process is the desire to chew, it is almost like an annoying twitch or restless legs. I have found a few ways to hopefully overcome that but I will talk more about it as I start dealing with it.

Come back and see what happens when you drink juice for 30+ days, and if you think about it will you pray for me, especially when you are eating pizza or tacos! Come back tomorrow for Day 1 recap! I hope to blog everyday, this should be fun, right~! Now I am off to chew my last meal, which I will regret tomorrow!

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  1. A guy I work with did this. He saw a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"...or something like that. He and his wife both lost a lot of weight. They still juice every so often and are keeping the weight off. Good luck to ya, Mama! ~Kim