Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 Months Old

My little pied Piper turned 10 months old just days ago. She looks more excited than I am that she is closing in on one year of age.


This photo is currently the only photographic evidence of the perfectly Piperiffic nose scrunch present in any emotion that she expresses. Happy, tired, sad, pissed, hungry, trying to get attention, etc.

Weighing in at a mere 14lbs 7oz she is a tiny ball of energy, crawling, cruising furniture, screaming shrill high pitch squeals of both joy and anger for hours on end.

She can polish of bowl after bowl of baby food until she literally explodes or loses all mobility because of her giant full belly, she does not have an off switch or volume control for that matter.

She says Mama and Bubba which makes her Bubba very happy. She calls for Troy with a sound that resembles a gorilla trying to get your attention "uh" "uh".

She is piperly perfect in every way. And yes I use her name in place of many words because really everything she does is just so very Piper that they should be renamed when talking about her.

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