Thursday, January 13, 2011

A rough start

We have been homeschooling for half a school year thus far. To be real the first half sucked. I feel like I am crawling out of the ick of it all. We decided on a whim, we hoped would help, to turn our house upside down to create a better space to school to fix a few logistical problems with our classroom. It put our schoolroom in the center of our home (our former living room)which means I can't fill it up with crap I don't want to deal with and then use it as excuse to not face schooling that day. Our playroom/office became a family room and the small dining room where we were schooling is now the playroom. After a month I love the new setup and I think the kids do to. We used this opportunity to setup the workbox system so it was functional for the older two, it is working out great. I am running out of "fun" ideas for the boxes but really like that we are getting through our day by 12:00 and that kids know what to expect.

Here are the pictures
These are the kids desks, I got small laptop desks from IKEA along with some organizing containers. They each have a clock (we are working on time alot lately) and a dry erase board via dry erase contact paper. The shelf in the middle is for workboxes I used IKEA magazine boxes and Cordelia uses a binder with a few of her "boxes".

This is the other side of the room we have our dining room table where we will eventually start eating at again. A giant dresser for all my junk I mean craft supplies. My desk and rocking chair which I hope to turn into a reading area. I also had to move my little one and her desk because she was being disruptive but she is very happy with the change and gets some extra special attention from "teacher" being so close.

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