Saturday, October 15, 2011

My System

So we have been enjoying My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures this year we are in entering Week 9, beginning a study of our 2nd continent and 3rd country. I was starting to get really overwhelmed with the group time. My kids are not fans of it in general though by the end they are digging into the material it is like pulling teeth to get there (complete with crying and tears) It didn't help if I didn't have everything well planned, trying to find pages and referring to the teachers manual I pretty much lost them. So three weeks ago I came up with a new system for the breadth of read aloud group time info.

Now at the beginning of each week I sit down with my teacher manual and go a little post-al!

I put post-its on the pages I need to read and with the day I need to read it.
When I finish a page I pull out the post-it and put in the front cover to reuse the next week.

It works really well and we move through our group time much more smoothly. And also at the end of the week I get the satisfaction of my bookself clear of post-its (accomplishment!) and if I missed anything I can break it out and finish before the end of the week.


  1. That is a really great idea! I can see why it would make things go a whole lot smoother. I usually rewrite what I need to read in my planner but I love the post-it idea! Thank you for sharing in the linkup.

  2. Great idea and I love your bookshelf! Thanks.

  3. the post its are great and i adore your bookcase!

  4. I like this idea! Thanks for linking up and sharing.