Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Handmade Christmas (The Boy's Loot)

I've been silent because I have been busy but I really have some great handmade goodies to share! And if you ever let handmade gifts scare you thinking your kids would miss out, balance is good and my kids never fail to clean up!

My boy got one of my favorite gifts (I had a lot of favorites but you know)he was also the most difficult he is a boy and getting bigger everyday and because I can't make legos I struggle with what to make him. But I came up with this little number after several lists of not so good ideas.

This is his utility belt - the boy has a passion for carrying a great many things on his person, I wanted to offer a little something to help. (please ignore the spot, it won't come out of the carpet!)
So I got two leather belts, one for around his waist and one for a shoulder strap. Then I made all sorts and types of pouches and pockets and implements for carrying an arsenal of weapons and a fair amount of do hickeys and nick-knacks.
Including but not limited to: long sword, short sword sheaths (those short swords are technically daggers but for little man work great as short swords and they high impact polyurethane), six shooter holster, bandoleer (holds rubber bullets), shield hook, light-saber hook, quiver for his arrows, and a variety of pouches for compasses, pocketknives, flashlights, and the like.
This is a gift were I loved the balance of store bought and handmade. We purchased some really awesome weapons from a great store and ministry called Visionforum.com if you are looking for some great boy toys this is a fantastic place to look I was quite impressed with there products and you can't find their high quality items anywhere else! I also learned a fair amount about leather and picked up some new skills as I wanted to make the belts and pouches leather for durability but making adjustments to create a gift that grows with him. He was one happy boy with his new getup.

He also got a fabric Pokemon game mat.
Needs little explanation but I did add a pocket for a stack of cards and a coin, it also has a little drawstring pouch that he can attach to his utility belt

To go along with his game mat he needed a Pokemon ball of course.
I found this dude on youtube it worked but took a load of coats and after a few days if play is showing its tennis ball under belly. But he loves and these are great and a few friends got them too.

And this was a last minute stocking stuffer but I think well worth it.
A Detective kit it has all a budding detective needs to solve this house full of crime and suspect!

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