Saturday, June 16, 2012


I feel like I am being super lazy about juicing and working out. I lost a pound but nothing else, and I have been slacking on juice. Really it can be expensive especially when you are eating too, so when push comes to shove I nix the juice. But to be sure I replace it with some healthy veggie meal and I drink at least one green smoothie each day. I am still playing on my pinterest food board dabbling in the world of vegetarian cuisine. Everything still tastes great. And I really feel like some of the unhealthy eating habits I had are gone for good. And I really like eating no meat although to be honest I had a piece of bacon and it was delicious but I felt so awful afterwards it ain't worth it!

Here are some of the yummy things I have been eating!

The recipe was great and the sauce for dipping the artichoke leaves was awesome but the artichokes themselves were kind of sad little things.

These were yummy, a whole new way to eat gnocchi, but I think I will try some other type of cheese like Parmesan next time.

I usually have the box mix falafel but never again these where delicious with sour cream, tomato and a slice of love (cucumber)!

I also made some homemade tortillas topped with black beans, rice, guac, tomato salsa, and a little bit of cheese, they were sooooooo good, I will never put meat on a taco again, they were so good! I joined a organic food co-op and got my first basket of food I have been trying to use everything up. We made garlicky collards and roasted yukon potatoes. I had a pesto pizza with halved grape tomatoes & mozzarella really really good. I tried to recreate a bistro salad I got in the publix produce section that was delicious, baby spinach, eggs, Monterrey jack & colby cheese, craisins, almonds, chow mien noodles and sweet onion dijon dressing, it was really yummy, probably the best salad I have ever had! I may have replaced my bad eating habits with the obnoxious habit of telling everyone everything I eat and how good it tastes! LOL! I have been walking, my kids really like to walk and beg to go despite the fact that they complain the whole way. But that last 5 days it has been raining and then of course I burned the dickens out of myself at the beach and didn't want to wear pants so I am hoping to start again tomorrow or Monday with my cute and motivating walking buddy (my hubby).

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