Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Most school days are a battle, I don't have the most cooperative students (that is an understatement). Our days are short but they would prefer no days at all, I think my kids confuse homeschooling with unschooling, they prefer the freedom to learn what they want when they want. This week we are trying to get into a routine, I wrote up a general schedule of how I would like the day to look. Most of the schedule relies on me doing my part (I fail miserably at schedules) three days down and my mornings are getting into a rhythm with the rest of the day starting to pan out nicely. It is feeling more peaceful around here, I am dressed with my hair done in anything but a bun (that is huge)! I would say that today we fell out of our routine, after all it is nearly 10:00 as I write this and school hasn't happened yet, and most likely will not but there are days like these that just don't need a lesson plan.

The adventures abound,

superheros walk a perilous obstacles in the name of justice....

baby's need tending too....

warriors need training....

and explorers must explore.

I think this will count as school today, and we will pick up at lunch were we left off in our new routine.

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