Friday, August 13, 2010

School Room in Progress

My school room/dining room in upheaval as try to get things in order.
I would like the desk to be the "teacher" desk and also a place I can have them sit if I need them to focus on something while I work with the other, right now it is a bit of a crash pad.
I have a dresser which you can't see that I am trying to organize for school and art supplies as well as my Girl Scout stuff. I am also brainstorming a system for the kids to file there class work so I don't end up with piles of papers. I really feel like I am moving in slow motion and it makes me sad because organizing is really my thing, or at least it used to be.
I somewhat have school books sorted into magazine boxes but I am worried this is going to be to cumbersome for us after a while.
But knowing me I will reorganize at least one more time before school starts.

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