Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Handmade Christmas (The Baby's Loot!)

So I didn't make much for the baby, she is number 4 and really we have toys from the 3 kids before her and she is not even 1 so I try not to beat myself up! But what she did get she LOVED!

Aside from a tutu and some lacing beads that I have not documented this was her loot.

My very talented father-in-law made the baby doll high chair which turned out spectacular! We got her a classic baby doll which looks like her! I made the baby a blanket which matches her blanket. A felt banana and fruit & veggie pouch (her personal favorites)and a little diaper which baby is wearing! She has been toting her "mama" (baby) around swaddled in her blanket (which she loving refers to as "mine") and sits her in the high chair to feed her all her favorite foods!
Seriously, I love it!!!!

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