Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Handmade Christmas (My budding superstars loot)

Well I appropriately made my budding superstar (her idea not mine) with a bunch of dress up clothes. I wanted to make a dozen more but well I regained my sanity and she was none the wiser. So without further ado

Bird Wings (pink of course)

And of course what bird doesn't need a bird nest, this was seriously her favorite present. She has a tendency to become attached to plastic and chalk eggs creating nests and what not the she lovingly cares for I decided to make her one complete little birdy.

I created a veterinarian kit for my animal loving little Is. She has a little vet coat, stethoscope (a real one), syringes, bandages, face masks, a little cast, a nebulizer mask and hose (we had an extra), animal vitamins, and an awesome dog for a patient!

Of course Rapunzel (she loooooves Tangled)
A soft and cuddly nightgownish costume & some really loooooong hair that she wraps around her self and tries to climb with.

The next 4 are my favorite I created a under dress and then created reversible dresses to wear with it.

The under dress:

The Moon & Sun Princess (she picked out the fabric and I had to create some reversible theme she likes the sun but not the moon, go figure!)


And then of course Cinderella
In rags:

And at the ball:

She also has a She-ra costume which I will post when we find the sword!

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