Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Handmade Christmas (My Big Girl)

So for my growing up way to fast big girl I have had a vision of a Christmas present for her since February 2011! A real (grown-up) sewing machine and a box full of projects! And that is exactly what that girl got!
The sewing machine I bought back in April, I made a hard cover for it and refurbished my grandmother's old sewing table and chair for her. My father-in-law made a new top and I took a can of spray paint to that bad boy! It turned out so AWESOME! Really I know I am tooting my own horn a little but I really even surprise myself sometimes!

Inside the refurbished chair is all the goods she needs
including a sweet little roll of personalized tags for her creations, and a mushroom pincushion

And the best part was the box full of projects all the supplies and pre-cut fabric in individual labeled bags with two books of instructions.
She has already made about 4 projects (as seen in the picture) and is driving me kind of crazy but her confidence is growing and I am really excited to see how creative she gets.

I still have to post my Is-a-belle's presents but seening as how she is throwing up, she doesn't make a good model of all her pretty little costumes. But I did get a picture of her little hand sewing kit. She always likes to be like sissy so I thought that this would keep her out of sissy's stuff.
She has fabric with an embroidery hoop, plastic mesh & embroidery floss to practice sewing. Apple pincushion, scissors, and needlebook and of course a few projects. She is already following in her sisters foot steps and created this little felt garland for her room, and let me tell you she is a natural!


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