Friday, August 31, 2012

It is coming

Click here and you will understand what I am talking about. For those you who didn't at the start of this post I only have 115 days 2 hours and 39 minutes till Christmas. For normal people that is plenty of time but for people like me who walk the fine line of insanity and handcraft Christmas I am sooooooo behind. Not really that I am usually starting to make things per se just that I have spent the last few months creating this master vision of my handcrafting and right now I kind of have nothing.

I think after 4 years of doing this I am plum out of ideas. It is also that the older two are well older and finding ideas for them that I can make is hard. One of them is also a boy which takes that hard to a whole different level. My kids don't go to public school, so they don't have the overwhelming influence from peers to have the latest this, that or the other thing and we don't watch TV so they don't see commercials. So when it comes to getting ideas it has gotten really hard because without those specific outside influences they don't know what they want, and when they do I know it is because it is something they really want and not just a fad. But my oldest has been asking for the same American Girl doll all year, which I am considering and the other wants Lego's (and unfortunately I have not figured out how to DIY those ; ) but there is not much handcrafting I can do in these areas. I want to craft stuff but I don't know maybe I should just throw up my hands this year.

And then the Little's, I have also found that some of my designs cannot hold up to the daily wear they put things through (seriously my kids never destroyed toys or at least they didn't till my two littles came along, grrr!). So I worry that I can't make stuff durable enough for such rough kids.

Then I really want to stick to the 3 gifts thing this year, but every year, 3 gifts turns into big sets of things wrapped in the illusion of 3 gifts. I am just stuck wondering what is a crazy lady to do!

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