Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our First Week

Our first week went well, better than years past. We are using our modified file folder version of workboxes with the oldest two. This time I have involved the kids each night to help fill and organize their files. It is really helping keep me in line, I am hoping they keep up the enthusiasm to do it each night. Isabelle is using the regular version of workboxes and really does well with them, I actually look forward to filling hers each day and I hope to soon start including Piper her own little tot boxes.

Here are our week one hightlights:

Trenton playing one of my math pouch games I made.
 Here is my 5th grader (she did her hair for the 1st day of school) after day one I have been fighting to even get them dressed.
Our Moon sensory table with homemade moon sand (we are studying the Moon for Kindergarten week 1).
Piper playing with her color game that I made ain't it cute.

 We put up our rocket-ship tent to take a trip to the moon Isabelle was very disappointed it didn't have controls!
No worries when your mama is a crafting ninja ; ) shoebox, few pegs, dowels, drill & buttons and we were ready for lift off!
 And basically my children swung around like monkeys in a tree!

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