Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Schoolroom

Our schoolroom hasn't changed a whole lot in the past year and half, that was when we threw our house in to upheaval and shifted 4 rooms around. This is where our schoolroom/dining room ended up, it used to be the living room. And when I get frustrated with not having enough space I remind myself of the string of tiny apartments our family has occupied over the last 10 years and can't help but thank God for this little house that we have called home for longer than any place since high school and where we have more than enough room to call a room our schoolroom!

Off of the schoolroom we changed our small dining room into the playroom, it is nice having a place for the little's to play during school and still be able to keep an eye on them.

Next to the playroom are desks for my Kindergartener & 2nd grader (I got these laptop desks at IKEA). They each have a whiteboard the little supply cups from IKEA, clocks & picture frames I bought that allows them to change out their artwork.

These bookshelves hold all our books and curriculum, I group all my current TM's & workbooks on the top shelf, current curriculum reading books under that (in no particular order), the middles shelf holds the inbox drawers and under that part of our regular library and toys for the littles.

Moving around the room my other bookshelf it holds paper supplies and more books, workbooks & TM's I am not currently using. Next to that is my little dresser of supplies & stuff with my Lazy Susan Art Caddy on top. Another super awesome addition was this sensory table that was headed to the trash because of a broken wheel and a small crack. But she is all fixed up now and has been an awesome addition for my little Kindergartener!

Next to that is my changing table turned teacher station, it is where I keep current week files, all my supplies and lots of little things hidden behind the curtain ; ) I found the shoe organizer on the curtain rod idea on Pinterest.
This past year I gave up my desk to my 5th grader with a new student joining our school time officially this year I knew I needed to shift them.
This is our busy wall if you look back the photos I posted from a 1 1/2 ago it went from this pretty decorative wall to all function with the map and the white board. The bookshelf was given to me just recently it is huge and really nice addition although I kind of miss my dresser when the kids start rummaging through shelves for things but I too use things more when they are out rather than stuffed in a drawer. I used the plastic drawers for storing all of the littles workbox activities.

You can't find out more about our tablecloth timeline here.

I also got two folding shelves from my grandpa, they are great I have been using them to hold my Kindergarteners workboxes and the other is going to be our science center. They are a little heavy but fold flat and can move out of the way when we don't need them.

This is a view of the room from the front door it is really a great space and I feel so blessed to have it.


  1. You are amazing! How do you find the time and energy!!

  2. You have a lovely talent for organising and decorating, thanks for sharing

  3. What a great space to learn in - it's so happy! I really like the bird fabric you have in there.

  4. Wow! it looks just like a classroom at school. It looks great. I can tell that you are a great mom and teacher.

  5. Visiting from the Blog Hop. It looks great! I love their desk set up ... and that playroom is adorable! Blessings for a great school year!