Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 11 - I was just starting to forget what day I was on!

But then I made the kids hush puppies to go with their dinner I kept seeing myself just popping one of those greasy little puppies in my mouth! I told Troy I was scared I would do it and not even realize it till it was to late. My kids are eating all sorts of garbage these days, I am trying to clear out the cupboards so to speak, they have been warned that this is their last hurrah. Once we finish our fasts we are going super healthy and so are they. After all the crap is gone I am going to start acclimating them slowly but for now I don't want to cook because I still want to eat at least when it looks good!

And seriously people are posting food like crazy on pinterest! At first it was all sorts of healthy stuff and I found some great, raw & vegan blogs, but now it is all cookies and cakes and gracious it is killing me. They should have a diet filter!

Troy made a new yummy juice today, it is going into the rotation. That is big because not a lot has made it into the rotation, these juice recipes are fickle things!

Sunset Blend
1 Sweet potato
1 red bell pepper
1 beet
3-4 carrots
2 golden delicious apples

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