Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 13 - Exercise is my foe!

I went for a bike ride this morning, it kicked my behind! I really hate working out always have. I will try again tomorrow, maybe just a walk though. I think I spoke to soon about that Sunset Blend juice being on my favorites list. It is definitely Troy's new fave, but it gave me indigestion and I now have a strong aversion to red peppers, I think it had way to much, Troy thinks it was perfect. I added wheat grass to my green juice today, it added a bit of sweetness, I am going to start adding it to all of my juices.
So I am very excited about the homeschool convention and I found a exhibitor booth I will definitely be perusing, Family Time Fitness. They have physical education curriculum for homeschoolers, I am interested to thumbing through their stuff.

This morning I went out with the intention of taking some pictures of my kids for the grandmothers for mother's day, that did not happen my kids are rotten anti picture subjects. But I did manage to create some fun ones! I saw one like this on Pinterest, it didn't work really well on my cracked driveway but I am planning on taking the kids to the school parking lot and recreating it with all of them.

But I think I will need some man power for that shot!

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