Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest is so amazing!

You know I have shot down the validity of Pinterest in the past. I joined a long time ago just to see what all the hype was, slowly accumulating boards of pretty this and thats. But then I did the juice fast and started using it to curb my cravings and really it worked but not till at least day 10, if you are on in day lower than that just stay away! So now it seems like my go to cookbook for all things yummy and healthful!

So the first couple days after the fast I was totally wrapped up with getting to eat, but I anticipated this and picked out some things from pinterest I was interested in trying. So my eating frenzy was healthy and has settled down now. Now a juice and smoothie to get me through the day and then a healthy dinner is all I need. And let me just tell you two things that have replaced pizza and tacos on my just have to eat it list

These beautiful little things are divine! And yes they are similar to tater tots without the tators!

I eat these daily (possibly a few times a day : ) I add some yummy italian style seasoning and a pinch of fresh grated Parmesan. The girls all like them too (Trenton, of course not!)

We had these last night for dinner, they were delicious, I highly recommend a much softer crumblier bread because it kind of mushes out with a harder bun but mercy they were good!

I have a bunch more recipes I want to try and have bookmarked a few really awesome food blogs I found through Pinterest. I actually have been looking forward each day to cooking instead of dreading it, rushing through it so I can eat cause I am hungry and then stuffing my face. The fast has really made a huge difference in the way I eat, and the way I look at food.

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