Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 20 something or another

I actually will have to look at my calendar to see what day I am on. Seriously these last few days are harder than the first few days. I am the type who doesn't do well the last few days of waiting for anything! And I hate that I feel like it is becoming a chore to make juice, it shouldn't and the fact that it feels like it is makes me worry it will be even harder to keep juicing when I finish the fast.

So a warning to all of you with omega juicers that want to juice wheat grass, be sure to cut the wheat grass into small sections and feed it through a little at a time, we have now gone through two juicers. It seems that the long pieces of grass feed through the juicer all at once just winds around the auger and snaps the juicer attachment. I have scoured the web for someone with the same issue and found nothing but just be careful, maybe other people know not to do that. For the record after doing it once and having it break and replacing it you would think my husband would follow my advise, but nooooooo, or it could be to quote him exactly "nothing is Troy proof"! So we are now using juicer number 3, it is another Omega which really is a great juicer and it has a 15 year warranty when it does break, but we just returned ours to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got a new one. That may be why I am so cranky and not interested in juicing.

Just a few more days! Hopefully the homeschool convention this weekend will keep me distracted, as long as I stay far away from the cafeteria.

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