Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 20 something

So I am starting to falter in blogging about all of this. I think because it is coming to a close and I am kind of don't know how I feel. I am excited to start eating again but a little scared once I start I won't be able to control myself. Committing to drinking only juice was surprisingly easy and the concept simple, trying to include food in that simple equation is a complicated thing for me.

I have had a couple of difficult moments the last few days, surprisingly it was not during dinner at TGI Friday's with my girls scouts. I am having a lot of muscle weakness and head rushes, I don't know what is causing them but I am theorizing between dehydration and something I can't explain. Ha! I have to remind myself to drink water and I forget a lot, it is hard when all you drink is liquids that you in fact need more of one or the other, it is a mental thing. Some days I drink a ton of water and then don't feel the desire to drink more juice, I am not good at balance. But these spells are not new, they have been happening since I was about 7 month pregnant with Piper and they have come and gone the last 2+ years in varying frequency, obviously something is triggering them, dehydration could explain the majority of the occurrences as I am terrible at staying hydrated. I had tests done when I was pregnant (despite the doctor thinking I was just a whiny pregnant women) and nothing came back abnormal so I don't know what to think but I am feeling understandably cruddy the last few days, I imagine this to shall pass.

I have started to manage getting in the kitchen to make the kids breakfast the past few days. I don't like cooking as it is but when I can't eat it just stinks! So I finally am getting in the kitchen, I love breakfast but it seems the easiest meal, mentally, to cook. I made summer squash fritters today, but my ungrateful children didn't like them, Troy said they were spectacular. I will have to see in just 7 more days.

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