Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 9 - Hitting my stride

I am moving right along, I am sleeping much better at night (I was hoping for this) and waking up with energy (that is just AWESOME!) The hormonal crazy lady has exited the building, even when I start to get frustrated I seem to be able to calm down before I blow my lid (this is amazing!). These are such huge things for me and it is so crazy to see each day how much my nutritional in take can effect me.

I don't want to even call this a fast anymore, I saw somewhere on the web were they referred to it as a juice feast, because you are consuming all your calories, you're feeding your body all the nutrition it needs and more! I think it is funny how just a week ago I was totally terrified at the idea of only juice for 30 days "how would I survive" but I am thriving on it. 

If anyone is interested in doing something similar I started out on the jointhereboot.com website that is part of the Fat. Sick & Nearly Dead documentary. It actually has a couple of reboot plans you can try that involve eating and juicing. They have menu plans and recipes and all sorts of stuff, it was a good place for me to start! But I definitively suggest you watch the movie if you haven't!

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