Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 27 - the end

I went to the homeschool convention this weekend! I really love going to the convention and I don't leave disappointed. There are great vendors with great products, the workshops are so encouraging! They make me feel like I am on the right path with my educational choices and like I can do this for another 365! It was so funny I went to the convention looking for a character development curriculum, but I was concerned about spending too much money and I hadn't really found any through the vendors at the convention. The first 3 workshops all talked about how they used Proverbs in their families as a character development curriculum by simply reading one chapter each day, only one of the workshops had specifically about Proverbs the other two just made it clear what God wanted to me to use and how simple He made it for us. I am also very excited about the creation workshop, I really feel confident teaching about creation next year and it helped to get rid of some doubts I was holding on too. I really do love homeschooling, it is such a blessing.

So on another note my fast is officially over. Unceremoniously I might add. I have an infection and in order to take the medicine I have to have food, juice wasn't enough to keep me from getting super nauseous. So I ate a banana, well technically 1/2 of a banana that was about all I needed, it filled me up. I am going to stick to one raw something or a smoothie for the next few days and then juice the rest of the day. I am a little disappointed that I didn't make it the official 30 days but whatever, I was sick of anticipating the end. So I figured I would tell you my official weight and weight loss, it is a little hard because I don't like sharing these things but to me sometimes pounds lost are nothing unless I know where someone started it just helps me see the big picture no pun intended:

Initial Weight: 251 lbs. Feb 19.2011 (when I signed up for Weight Watchers)
Initial Weight before Juice Fast: 236 lbs (15 in 8 weeks on WW)
End Weight after 27 day Juice Fast: 211 lbs
Total Weight Loss on Fast: 25lbs
Total Weight Loss since Feb 12th 2012: 40lbs
Size XXL Shirt to Large Shirt
Size 22 pants to size 18
Size 20 dress to size 16

So I still have 60lbs to go before I have reached my goal. I think that is only going to come with hard work both working out and eating right. Like I mentioned before eating right is hard for me, maybe it is a eating disorder maybe just my stubborn picky nature. But I feel more confident eating healthy now. I quite certain that my body will rebel against me if I reach for the junk.

I will keep posting about how everything is going.

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