Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 2

I woke up feeling like an awesome blossom this morning much to my surprise, my few days of prepping for this little activity may have been a good idea after all. I didn't sleep very well, that may have had something to do with a particular 2 year old and 4 year old that curled up in my bed and kicked me in the back all night and nothing to do with my liquid intake but we will never know : )

The cravings today weren't to bad in the morning but by lunch I was dying, I am doing o.k. talking through it all with Troy but when his weekend is over I won't have my kitchen bouncer to keep me in check! I have been craving stuff I don't even like, all garbage, I bought the kids chips for lunch I specifically picked ones that I don't like, I still want them! It is making a little crazy but I have to reiterate that I am not hungry, just craving things that I am certain I am addicted to.

I found that vegetable broth is one of the main reasons I am surviving these first few days. I am a savory kind of girl so it is hard for me to drink juice that is sweet all day and I just can't stomach the all vegetable juice yet, but making vegetable broth has made all the difference. I take carrots, spinach, onions, garlic, celery and lots of herbs, boil it in water till the water tastes good, strain out the veggies (and feed them to Troy) and then drink the juice! Yum! I don't know if it counts as juice or just water or something in between but my research is suggest that when it comes to the juice fast broth is an option. So I am sticking to it!

And let me just tell you that is totally unfair to be a mom sometimes, because this is what I was making them for dinner while I drank my juice. My World (our house) Famous Pizza. Its so good!
I guess I am going to confront my demons right from the start, demon being pizza! Troy had to finish making them because I just about ran off with a piece! But I guess if I can survive pizza night I can survive 30+ days of juice......right?

I didn't have the guts to post my starting weight, I think I will when I am all done with the fast but for now just what I am losing. I am very aware that weight fluctuates throughout the day and their is water weight and blah blah blah blah blah, but seeing pounds drop off is motivation so each pound is a push forward.

Day 2: - 4.4 lbs

And I now I am going to bed before the 2nd pizza comes out of the oven : (

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